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We produce fully functional lines of dinnerware and serving pieces, in over 150 shapes and 36 stock patterns

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It may take up to 6-8 weeks for us to make a required pattern, often and usually sooner, if it happens that it the pattern chosen is out of stock. Please bear with us. All orders are executed with care and attention by our staff of 15 potters, and all pieces are hand-made.

Small orders will arrive by air-parcel post. Packages are delivered by postman to your door. Delivery takes 2-4 weeks once the parcel is shipped.

Larger orders are too big for air parcel post, and usually are shipped door to door via Federal Express.

Duties and/or Value Added Tax/State Tax may vary from country to country and if levied, these charges will be borne solely by the purchaser

Packing Includes bubble wrap, boxing of pieces into an inner cardboard box, and placing the inner box into an outer, larger cardboard box- with shredded paper buffer.

There will be variations due to the nature of the Earthworks creation process. Earthworks refuses liability for these variations. Sizes may vary slighty due to making process. If a customer is disatisfied, the pieces may be returned to Earthworks, well-packed and intact. In this event, the goods received being intact and unbroken, Earthworks will credit the purchaser with the amount of the marked/paid price of the goods. Cost of return freight is to be borne by the purchaser in this event, and if there are breakages in return transit, the cost of these will be borne by the purchaser.

If goods arrive from Earthworks to the purchaser's address with breakage, a digital image must be emailed to Earthworks before 7 days elapses. Shots should include the wrapping as opened, and boxes. Broken pieces will be replaced free of charge, and will be shipped via air parcel post. Earthworks retains the right of cancelling an order and refunding the price of the goods, if it so decides, at any point in the transaction. All discretionary judgements by Earthworks, in the event of a dispute, are final. All prices are quoted in US dollars, since the Barbados dollar is pegged to it at a fixed rate. Earthworks is not responsible for currency fluctuations.

You can be charged an additional shipping fee if we have to re-ship an item due to an address error, so please verify your shipping address before placing your order.

Please e-mail us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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