Earthworks Pottery

We produce fully functional lines of dinnerware and serving pieces, in over 150 shapes and 36 stock patterns

Earthworks Pottery

These Earthworks designs are available for the entire variety of shapes made. All are food safe plus dishwasher/microwave safe.

We offer several stock patterns, shown below. Click on any of the designs to see more information.

Blue Multi-Swirl
Green Multiswirl
Orange Swirl
Red and Green Swirl
Regular Multiswirl
Bens Multiswirl
Green with Blue Swirl
Blue With Green Swirl
Blue Squirl
Green Squirl
Redart Squirl
Blue with Yellow Wave
Green with Blue Wave
Blue Wave
Blue Zig
Redart Zigs
Green Zig
Sunshine 1
Sunshine 2
Sunshine 3
Green Sunburst
Blue Sunburst
Green Cornflowers
Blue Cornflowers
Blue Daisies
Blue Tulip
Green Tulip
Blue Pea Pods
Pink Pea Pods
Blue with Green Fish
NB. Patterns represented as square shapes are all available in round as well! However, not all designs that are available in round are available in square, unless ordered specially. There is a lead time to produce custom dinner sets. Please inquire through our request form.