Earthworks Pottery

We produce fully functional lines of dinnerware and serving pieces, in over 150 shapes and 36 stock patterns

Earthworks Pottery
One Of A Kind Pieces
Over the years Earthworks built up its dinnerware pattern shapes in square, round, oval and rectangular, available off the shelf in dozens of patterns, but in more recent years has evolved in response to the number of repeat collectors; that in addition to maintaining its regular off the shelf dinnerware patterns, it has embarked on a more innovative, original form of embellishment to our pieces.

The mature staff is empowered to decorate individual, highly ornate, special one of a kind pieces. Click here to see some of our pieces!

It is this newer method of embellishment, making each piece an art creation, such as that which popularised the 'Bizarre Pottery' lines of Clarice Cliff (one of our heroes) during the pre-depression times in England. Earthworks is proud to follow in the footsteps of this highly collected pottery, and notes the collector's value of the 'Bizarre' pieces which were decorated by empowered staff members, supervised by Clarice herself. Although the Bizarre Pottery closed during the Great Depression, its pieces live on and are sought after world-wide.

Earthworks also has fantastic wall mosaics. These walls, tiled from shards over the course of many years, are an ideal back-drop for photographing your loved ones, or simply for their beauty as a stand-alone remembrance of Barbados. It's free to see the mosaics at Earthworks. We were/are influenced and inspired by the Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi (amongst others) to create a Caribbean collage. We don't dump garbage, we save it up and then change 'garbage' into beautiful art!

In the meantime, as is always the case, Earthworks' Pottery is made for use, is food safe and functional. Made to be cherished, used and enjoyed! We also intend to be around for generations to come!