Our Team

Earthworks wants to continue to be "no ordinary pottery". We recognise that artists are no better than the works produced on a given day. Therefore we continue to do our utmost to be the best each day we work: whether it be in clay mixing, the making of shapes, the decorating process, the glazing, the firing, the care of our patrons.

Our staff is longstanding, mature and fully empowered.
Our studio has a health plan, profit sharing plan, and facilities for staff members to work out of hours. We are an ethical business. We are collectively proud to be one of the most recognised working Barbadian and Caribbean art studios producing locally made Bajan products.

We received a Fodor's Gold Star along with the likes of the island's best: Sandy Lane Hotel, Coral Reef Club, and The Cliff. We are greatly honoured that our dusty little studio can be considered as good as these highly recommended businesses.

We also consistently receive 5 star ratings and rave reviews on Tripadvisor.

Caribbean potters
Staff member holding ceramic piece with colorful pottery in background
Earthworks Pottery team holding ceramics at the studio in Barbados