About Earthworks

Earthworks Pottery is a production pottery in the Caribbean island of Barbados. Established in 1983 by Goldie Spieler, Earthworks is now run by her son David, along with the capable Earthworks staff of 24 persons.

Red clay ceramic pieces fired to stoneware temperatures make our pottery ideal for the home or restaurant.

We create a fully functional line of tableware in round, square, rectangular and oval. From 20" platters to plates to tiny coasters; bowls in all shapes and sizes.

Running parallel in matching colours and patterns are vases, lamps, desk and bathroom accessories. See our full product range.

Our dinnerware and serving piece selection - with various round and square patterns - will fill most commercial, home or office needs, but if you have a specific desire that can be made of clay - for example a house-name or house-number, a bathroom sink, splash tiles, accents or floor tiles - we'll diligently make it for you! Just get in touch...

Earthworks Pottery studio in Barbados
Kiln at Earthworks Pottery in Barbados
Earthworks Pottery on shelf
Caribbean potters
Colorful Caribbean pottery