Square Dessert Bowl (5 inch)

Lovely bowls for ice cream or granola cereal portions.

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Whether you’re starting the day with granola/cereal or ending a meal indulging in ice cream, these square bowls are a great choice.

But the bowls are more than just dining companions; they also double as versatile holders for your rings, jewelry, or even office essentials. With their chic design, they’re not just for the dining table; they’re stylish accents for every aspect of your life. Embrace the beauty of Earthworks Pottery with every bite and beyond!

Whether you love vibrant and eclectic patterns or prefer a more classic and refined look, we have a design for you. We invite you to explore the possibilities and express your individuality.

  • microwave safe
  • dishwasher safe
  • lead free and food safe
Size: 5 × 5 in

Our pottery make great gifts for birthdays, weddings & engagements, housewarmings, anniversaries, graduations, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or just a special surprise!

Our local potters diligently create from scratch, make, decorate and fire this honest work, bringing Caribbean sunshine to your home. Breakfast, lunch or dinner; spring, summer fall or winter, Earthworks' pottery will make you happy.

Note: Designs may vary slightly from the photos. You are truly getting a hand decorated one of a kind piece.


microwave proof

dishwasher proof

lead free

food grade


collectable art

uniquely designed

tropical chic

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