Square Vase – Mini (4 inch)

A small square vase with a round neck 4” (10 cm).

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This petite charmer has a small square body and a dainty round neck.

These tiny vases may be small in size, but they pack a big punch when it comes to adding elegance to your small displays of flowers.

Just like its larger counterparts, our Mini Square Vase embodies the fusion of ancient Eastern folk design and contemporary aesthetics. Its square base contrasts beautifully with the delicate blooms it cradles, creating an interesting visual.

In the world of Earthworks Pottery, size doesn’t limit artistry. Our potters hand paint each tiny vase with your choice of our vibrant designs, using care and precision.

Enhance your home or office space with a dash of color and style, one petite bloom at a time.

Size: 4 in

Our pottery make great gifts for birthdays, weddings & engagements, housewarmings, anniversaries, graduations, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or just a special surprise!

Our local potters diligently create from scratch, make, decorate and fire this honest work, bringing Caribbean sunshine to your home. Breakfast, lunch or dinner; spring, summer fall or winter, Earthworks' pottery will make you happy.

Note: Designs may vary slightly from the photos. You are truly getting a hand decorated one of a kind piece.

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