Square plates, round plates, oval plates, rectangular plates, fish plates. Earthworks makes a lot of plates. How do you prefer to serve and eat your meals with guests or for every day?

Our extensive line of ceramic plates highlights our creativity and the diversity of our small pottery studio. Our line of plates has grown as we have, with new shapes and colours added along the way…. and probably more to come!

Our ceramic plates are appreciated for their aesthetic appeal, Whether simple and elegant or bold and artistic, we create plate designs for all preferences and tastes. Many customers love to mix and match their dinner set from across our various designs, creating a unique collection!

Elevate your personal dining atmosphere and thrill your guests. Whether it’s a formal dinner party, a casual gathering, or everyday meals, you can find ceramic plates to suit your style and needs.

Our craftsmanship and dedication to quality work shines through in the durability and design of our pottery plates.

As always, our pottery is ✓ microwave safe, ✓ dishwasher safe and ✓ lead free and food safe.