Wide array of ceramic pottery on the shelves at Earthworks Pottery in Barbados



Red clay ceramic pieces fired to stoneware temperatures make our pottery ideal for use in your home.

microwave proof

dishwasher proof

lead free

food grade



Hand-finished and hand-decorated in colors and styles reflecting the vibrancy of the Caribbean.

collectable art

uniquely designed

tropical chic


No Ordinary Pottery

Earthworks Pottery Barbados is a surprising small pottery business in many ways.
Surprising is the highly durable and functional quality of the work; it is food safe (no lead or leachates) and both dishwasher and microwave proof. 

To find a pottery producing the range of shapes and designs in a small island like Barbados is often a pleasant surprise. And there are few hand making studios of any kind - whether craft or pottery - anywhere in the entire Caribbean, where one can find such a well rounded repertoire

Earthworks Pottery is attractive, durable and functional. 12 Bajan potters diligently create from scratch, make, decorate and fire this honest work, bringing Caribbean sunshine to your home. Breakfast, lunch or dinner; spring, summer fall or winter, Earthworks' pottery will make you happy.


Visit Us

Watch us transform simple clay into stunning creations!

Entry to Earthworks studio is absolutely free of charge.

Our reward is the knowledge that our product will woo you and tempt you to buy at least a piece or two.

Whether it is a simple trinket or small gift for a very reasonable cost, or perhaps a dinner service to be shipped, Earthworks makes some of the finest quality, most attractive, functional art in the Caribbean!

Who would have thought that a small Caribbean art studio doing 'one-off' whimsical clay works would grow into a thriving production pottery with a world-wide reputation for quality and innovative design?

This continues to be what makes Earthworks - "No Ordinary Pottery!"